Bison Track

Bison Track Thor.2 Motorcycle Racing Gloves

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Our Thor.2 race gauntlets can be customized just for you and matched to your suit design. They take the excellent feel and protection of the Thor.1 and turn it up to 11. Thor.2 gauntlets feature the following features standard:

  • Full kangaroo hide chassis.

  • Kevlar thread throughout, double stitched seams.

  • Super fabric finger tips and palm for added wear resistance.

  • Stingray palm sliders backed with comfort foam.

  • Double padded knuckles.

  • Stingray slider panels on outer sides for added abrasion resistance.

  • Pull tabs on thumb and wrist for easier ingress.

  • Accordion joints at all knuckles for maximum comfort and mobility.

  • Accordion panel at wrist area eliminates bunching while maximizing mobility.

  • Pinky/ring finger bridge standard (can be built without).

  • Double layers of hide on entire outside edge of glove for maximum protection without sacrificing mobility.

  • Rubber “Bison” brand elements.